The Situation:

We needed to create a timely television spot that was musically driven. But how do you do this, show off the product and avoid falling into the cliche'd format of using your celebrity as a spokesperson?

The Solution: Big Shoes

Role: Art Director | Platform: National TV, Rich Media Banner
You find an artist who has a story to tell. Diggy Simmons was looking for a platform to launch is music career. He knew he needed to go big considering he's hip-hop royalty and what better stage than a national television commercial?

The Creative:


No one said following in the footsteps of greatness is easy. And if you're the son (Rev Run) and nephew (Russel Simmons) of hip hop legends, you've got enormous shoes to fill. In Big Shoes, Diggy Simmons lets his voice be heard using the nation's fastest 3G network.

In the Hate Invaders rich media game you can help Diggy Simmons fight off the non-believers. Shoot Diggy's new music track out to the haters (using the Motorola Atrix phone and AT&T) and open their eyes to hip-hop's latest prodigy.