Download the Kiss features the human highlight reel (and 2011 Slam Dunk Champion), Blake Griffin, in the gym practicing dunks. His friends, unimpressed, get blown away when Blake uses his secret weapon, an AT&T phone. We shot this a week before All-Star weekend and I hoped Blake would use it in the dunk contest. Ultimately, he opted to jump over a Kia instead... for the win.

Role: Senior Art Director | Copywriter: Corey Seaton | Director: Chris Robinson


The Blake Griffin Super Dunk Challenge allows you to create your own amazing dunk by selecting individual moves and props. Once you create your dunk you can share it with friends or challenge others to see who can come up with the most amazing dunk as voted on in the gallery.

Adoring fans of the commercial need not be jealous anymore. The Blake Griffin Kissing Booth gives fans a chance to kiss Blake by activating their webcam to replace the original girl on the phone. This video can be added to the Kiss Gallery and be shared with friends.