The Situation:

How do you create a Black History Month campaign that feels different from what you see every year?

The Solution: Twenty-Eight Days

Role: Art Director | Platform: Website, Social Media, Experiential, Digital, OOH

You create a campaign that focuses on looking forward, instead of backward. Twenty-Eight Days was an online community devoted to forward momentum. We took the twenty-eight days of February to see what would happen when you focused on YOU. This program included self-help tools, a Web site, Facebook page, radio & email blasts, downloads, a viral video and an inspirational speaker series all focused on helping make your own page in history.

The Creative:


The Facebook page was a place for people to connect, share their experiences and seek advice.

Speaker series feat. Russell Simmons, Laila Ali, Erin Patton and Jeff Johnson in Chicago, Oakland, Washington D.C., & Atlanta.
→ Other works
Desktop wallpapers, posters, and web banners.

The Results:

The Twenty-Eight Days initiative was greatly received by the audience and peers. In years since, I've seen countless brands ... umm... emulate ... the Twenty-Eight Days' approach to forward thinking and self-empowerment.